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" Come follow the ecospiritualtrails, to THE ABODE OF MISTY MESMERISING MOUNTAINS, BREATH TAKING WATERFALLS AND RIVERS, DARK GREEN RAINFOREST, BEAUTIFUL GRASS LANDS of emrald green the summit of wellness and happiness"


Explore the spectacular locations, experience the thrill of Trekking, River rafting, and cultural trails.


Stay in nature in tents in camping sites in Jungles, hills, valleys, beaches, and riversides.


Book your stay in professionally managed homestays, villas, resorts, and farm-stays in the most beautiful locations in Kerala.


Stay in beautifully built houses amongst the woods that touch the sky, and watch the wild animals and birds pass by through the windows obscured in the mist.


Stay in harmony with Nature in Eco-friendly and beautifully fabricated houses of woods surrounded by trees and overlooking lakes and blue mountains.


Experience the adventure of hanging out with friends in elevated tree houses contemplating the picturesque surroundings caressed by cold air and that comes from lands veiled in the murk.





Kasargod and Kannur District, North Malabar, Kerala

110 km from Mangalore Airport, Karnataka

71 km from Kannur Airport, Kerala

40 km from Payyanur Rly. Station, Kannur

36 Km from Neelasharam Rly Station, Kasargod

5 Km from Cherupuzha, Nearest Bus station, Kannur

The spectacle of sunsets in the western and sunrise in the eastern mountains seen from Tabor hills are spells of Nature. The nights are equally brilliant with millions of stars, visible because of the clear and unpolluted atmosphere. Misty, blue and beautiful mountains, serene grasslands, surrounded by valleys, embedded with beautiful hamlets and towns, all add to the mystic ambience and rivers, dark green rain forest, beautiful grass lands...


 Major Attractions at Palavayal

Alex Falls

Exclusive waterfalls surrounded by rocks and trees, neither far from the land nor from the forest. This fall is a force of nature, both beautiful and brutal. This fall is tranquil from a distance but deafening up in the monsoon.

Kottenchery Hills

It is a level III & IV trekking track to Kottenchery plains and peaks. You can also follow the elephant tracks and take a dip in cascading white water streams


Tejaswini is a beautiful river bordering three districts viz.-Kannur, Kasrgod and Coorg(Karnataka). Many small streams comprise the headwaters of the Tejaswini, taking all the goodness of the rain forest of the Western Ghats.


Trekking or off-roading through the dense forest, the noisy Thejaswani River to accompany is itself a very special experience. Visitor can stay in Tents and Mud houses in the midst of coffee plantations, surrounded by misty mountain ranges.





Kannur District, North Malabar, Kerala

126 km from Mangalore Airport, Karnataka

60 km from Kannur Airport, Kerala

11 Km from Payannur Rly Station, Kannur

12 Km from Payannur, Nearest Bus station, Kannur

The name Ezhimala is believed to be the Malayalam equivalent of seven hills and is derived from the seven hills dominating the skyline of this area. legend has it that the name was derived from Ezhil mala meaning land of beauty. Folklore has it that the seven hills are part of the Rishabadri mountain that fell to the earth when Lord Hanuman was carrying the mountain with Mrita Sanjivani and other herbs to Lanka.


 Major Attractions at Ezhimala

Ettikulam Beach

It is a pristine beach adjoining the Ezhimala Naval Academy. The arc-shaped beach has natural rocks that add to the beauty. It is a beautiful place to spend your morning and evening, especially the evenings are painted by beautiful sunsets.

Sree Raja Rajeswari Complex

The temple has a prominent place amongst the numerous Shiva temples in South India. Sree Raja Rajeswari temple is in the town of Taliparamba. It is believed that if a Hindu devotee encounters a problem in life, the final reprieve is sought from the deity through a Prasna, a traditional method of astrological decision making.

Muzhapillangad Drive in Beach

The beach is nearly 47 km from HIM Ezhimala. It is the longest drive-in beach in India and featured in a list of the top six drive-in beaches of the world by BBC Autos. The sand is firm enough to support even medium-heavy vehicles

Temple Complex

The HIM, the center for spiritual and Cultural tours has six temples and a Kavu. Pujas are performed in the morning and evening. Ideal for organizing Bhajans and Spiritual camps.





Idukki District, Kerala

110 km from Cochin International Airport

110 Km from Aluva Railway Station

130 Km from Ernakulam Railway Station

5 Km from Nearest Bus Station

Munnar rises as three mountain streams merge - Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala. 1,600 m above sea level, this hill station was once the summer resort of the erstwhile British Government in South India.


 Major Attractions at Munnar

Spice trails

GDM Munnar is also an organic spice garden. Like in other parts of Munnar cardamom plantations constitutes around 50 percent of cultivation. The visitors get a chance to learn how cardamom is cultivated using organic practices.


Munnar offers a vast expanse of tea estates beautiful mountains with zig-zag roads ideal for cycling. Needs to be physically fit as the rider has to go uphills and downhills frequently.

elephant ride

>Elephant ride is one of the popular sports among visitors in Munnar. Elephants carry you on a small hill and through the woods for a period of 15 to 30 minutes. An elephant can carry 2 people at a time.

Boating in Lakes

Munnar is graced with many natural and man-made lakes. The ambiance of these lakes is very special with blue misty covered mountains and woods surrounds these lakes. Boating in these clear cold waters is certainly a unique experience.





Ernakulam District, Kerala

33 km from Cochin International Airport

14 Km from Ernakulam Railway Station

8 Km from Nearest Metro Station

By Boat from Marine Drive

Kadamakkudy is a cluster of breathtaking islands scattered in the backwaters of Kochi hardly 15 km from the Marine Drive. Of late, its rustic charm is attracting visitors from all around the world. The cluster has 14 major Islands and many more small islands many of them are now connected by rods and bridges. Moolampally is the largest of the islands with around 5 square km. Valliya Kadamakkudy, Cheriyan Thuruth, Chennur, Pizhala, Kothad, Korampadam, Kandanad, Cheriya Kadamakkudy, Palilam Thuruthu, Murikkal, Puthussery, and Karikkad Thuruth are other major islands that constitute this beautiful landscape.


Major attractions in Kadamakudy


It is very contusive for Kayakking as the water is shallow exept in the main waterways. There are professionally operated Kayakking centers in some of the Kadamakkudy Islands.


The unending or endless walkways encircling the aqua farms will take the visitors to the mystic terrains of the Kadamakkudy. It is an excellent lace for birding. The endemic and migratory birds, the wind and the occasional inquisitive jump of the fishes and rare pythons all add up to the walks.


Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone's day

Spectacular Sunsets

Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.




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North Malabar has had distinct identity. It is manifested in beautiful landscape consisting of unending mountains, fascinating backwaters and beaches and breathtaking rivers. The people, the food and cultural heritage of the regions will fascinate the  visitors for sure. Theyyam, the magical dance of God, was believed to have performed as long as 1500 years back. Theyyam festivals are performed during a period spanning from November to June.