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Munnar is indeed a heaven on earth. Stretches of blue mountains, with peaks, rising above the clouds of shades of dark, gray and white which resemble the seasons, are iconic symbols that trigger a thousand emotions in the mind of a traveler. The unending stretches of green carpets of emerald green tea plantations will elevate even the moron to a poet laureate.


107 km from Cochin Internation Airport

283Kms from Trivandrum International Airport

125Kms from Ernakulam, nearest Railway Station

10Kms from Munnar, nearest Bus Station


With its alluring terrains and mesmerizing greenery, it is the commercial center for spices, fruits, vegetables, tea, and coffee. A decoction of beautiful lakes, breathtaking waterfalls, emerald green grasslands, and sublime wilderness will vanquish the traveler to temporal trance.


 Major attractions in Munnar

Spice trails

GDM Munnar is also an organic spice garden. Like in other part of Munnar cardamom plantations constitutes around 50 percent of cultivation. The visitors get a chance to learn how cardamom cultivated using organic practices.


Munnar offers a vast expanse of tea estates  beautiful mountains with zig zag roads ideal for cycling. Needs to be physically fit as the rider has to go uphills and downhills frequently.

elephant ride

Elephant ride is one of the popular sport among visitors in Munnar. Elephants  carry you in a small hills and through the woods for a period of 15  to 30  minutes. An elephant can carry 2 people at a time.

Boating in Lakes

Munnar is graced with many natural and man-made lakes. The ambience of these lakes is very special with blue misty covered mountains and a wood surrounds these lakes. Boating in these clear cold waters is certainly a unique experience for tourists.

Trails to Dolmens

It is a type of megalithic tomb dated back to 4000 - 3000 BC. In  Munnar and surrounding places the Dolmens  are see on the mountain slops , in deep woods and on large grass lands . These picturesque locations are ideal for trekking and photographic trips

Jaggery village

You can see many dwelling places ( Dolmens) of sages/saints which where used in ancient days in and around Munnar. It is locally known as  called Muniara.

Nilgiri Tahr

Nilgiri tahr is a wild goat seen in the Nilgiri Mountains of Weston Ghats of India. The mail is larger than the female and dark in color when adult. Adult male weigh upto 100 kg.

Forest and tea gardens

This could be the most fascinating part of the stay in Munnar. Starting the ride in the wee hors of morning, shrouded in magical mist of Munnar in open jeeps, is sure to invigorate your mood.


GDM, Munnar

GDM, Munnar

Kallar Farmhouse

GDM, Munnar

GDM, Munnar

GDM, Munnar