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Kadamakkudy is a bunch of breath taking islands scattered in the backwaters of Kochi hardly 15 km from the Marine drive. Of late, its rustic charm is attracting visitors from all around the world. The cluster has 14 major Islands and many more small islands many of them are now connected by rods and bridges. Moolampally is the largest of the islands with around 5 square kms. Valliya kadamakkudy, cheriyan thuruth,Chennur, pizhala, Kothad, Koranopadam,Kandanad, cheriya kadamakkudy, Palilam thuruthu, Murikkal, Puthussery, and Karikkad thuruth are other major islands which constitue this beautifu landscape.


33 kms from Cochin International Airport

14 Kms from Ernakulam Railway Station

8 Kms from Nearest Metro Station

By Boat from Marine Drive

"Beautiful Landscape in the middle of a city"

The beautiful mix of rice farming and aquaculture is soul and livelihood of Kadamakkudy Islands. It is natures aqua phonics in operation. The kettu is drained and land is ploughed manually by woman folks during the onset of monsoon and sprouted Pokkali rice seeds are sawn. The rice is harvested in 110 to 120 days. The rest of the year it is used for fish and shrimp farming. The people and the landscape continues to enchant the visitors.

Major attractions in Kadamakudy


It is very contusive for Kayakking as the water is shallow exept in the main waterways. There are professionally operated Kayakking cenres in some of the Kadamakkudy Islands.


The unending or endless walkways encircling the aqua farms will take the visitors to the mystic terrains of the Kadamakkudy. It is an excellent lace for birding. The endemic and migratory birds, the wind and the occasional inquisitive jump of the fishes and rare pythons all add up to the walks.


Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone's day

Spectacular Sunsets

Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.

Traditional Fishfarms

traditional aquaculture in an attempt to reduce adverse environmental impact of intensive aquaculture based on pelleted feed.

Mud Crabs

If you are sea food lover, then Kadamakkudy may be the place you want to visit and revisit. The colossal mud crabs, the Perl spot (Karimeen), prawns, shrimps, the snappers and the sea bass are the major attractions of Kadamakkudy.


The village roads which link the islands and to the outside and the mud roads which encircle the aqua farms and the water bodies along with the picturesque surroundings form an ideal cycling tracks.

Bamboo Rafting

Country boats and bamboo rafts an excellent means of adventure in the shallow backwaters. A few aqua farmers have constructed rafts on which the visitors can ride inside their farms.


Vincent Aqua Farm House

Thalikootathal Homestay

ValiyaKadamakudy Homestay

John Farm House

Bethal gardens

"Global destinations helping the local community"

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