Day 1 - Exploring GDM and Surroundings

GDM Munnar consists of  a 200 acres organic farm and forest  overlooking Anayirangal dam and tata tea gardens in Periyakanal , 10 km from Munnar  Twon . Major cultivation is Ellam ,Pepper and other spices . The site is also developed as a organic fruit gardens as well. The farm offer you plenty of opportunity to adventure, leisure and fun . Interaction with the locals  community is the other attraction .

Morning 9am

Check in GDM Munnar  
Break fast/Welcome drinks and Snacks
GDM spice garden vist.
3pm : Boating at Anayirangal dam
6pm : Back to Gdm Munnar

7pm : Cam-fire and dinner
Local jeep travel included
Price : Rs.12 000 for 4 Adults and 2 kids (5 years or below)

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Day 2 - Exploring Tea Gardens

GDM top slip is an ideal place to trek/off road, which offers you a panoramic view of the lake and waves of mountains in the east. It is an excellent place to watch the sun rise. For people who would like  a bit of adventure can trek further to reach the Eastern side mountain ranges where the visitors get an opportunity to explore the Dolmens

Morning : Breakfast
Trekking /Off-roading to GDM top slip . Visit to Dolmens (Optional)
Back to GDM Munnar
2.30 pm : Drive to picturesque tea gardens and site seeing nearby . Visit to local farms ( Optional )
6 Pm : Back to  GDM
7 Pm
Camp fire and dinner
Night Safari in GDM (Optional )

Price :12000 for 4 adults and 2 Kids (5 years or below)

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Day 3 - Exploring GDM and Surroundings

Kallar is beautiful village around 20 km from Munnar Town. You have to take left turn after the Kallar falls to reach these cluster of Villages  on the banks of the perennial Kallar river . The Kallar Organic farms and Farm house is 6 Km from Kallar jn  on the Kallar mankulam road . The climate here is moderate and pleasant .Kallar gets god rainfall around the year  because of these the terrine is decorated with green grasslands , rainforests ,waterfalls and Rivulets. The Kallar Organic farmlandand  farm house has two locations both separated from each other by a distance of less than 1kms. The schedule is as follows
Morning Check in at 9am at Kallar

Organic gardens and Homestay
Break Fast/Welcome drink and snacks
Organic Farm Visit and Fish feeding
Visit to nearby eco points and waterfalls
Outdoor games
Dip in Kallar falls
7 pm : Camp fire and dinner

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Day 4 - Exploring GDM and Surroundings

Munnar town  is always bustling with commercial activities . It has a vibrant vegetable, fruit ,tea and spices market .Tata Tea Musium is less than 1.5 Km from the Munnar town . You can also take jeep/car trip to Kallar through the beautiful letchmi tea estate and to Mankulam . There are chances that you will encounter herds of Elephants if you are lucky !

Morning 8 am : Break Fast
Visit to Munnar Town. Driving through Lakshmi Estate .Visit to Mattupetty dam .
Boating (Optional)
Visit to Tea Museum  
Visit to Munnar City
Back to GDM Munnar
7 pm Campfire and Dinner
Night Safari ( Optional )
Rs 12000/-

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Day 5 - Exploring GDM and Surroundings

Vattavada,the Veg Trove of Kerala  is roughly  60km from the GDM Munnar . The Jeep/Car drive to Vattavada is a very special experience as the terrains are magnificent and famous for beautiful tea gardens, Natural fotrests and grass lands . You can also see  large number of orange plans with golden yellow oranges  if you happened to there in Summer.

Breakfast 6 am
Visit to Vattamada
Conducted Trekking to Protected forest (
Organic vegetable and fruit farms visit
Lunch and Snacks on the way
Visit to Kanthalloor (Optinal)
Visit to Munnar  town (Optional)
Back to GDM
7 pm: Campfire and Dinner

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Day 6 - Exploring GDM and Surroundings

Kathaloor is the highest place in Munnar . It is known as the Fruit Trove of Kerala. Marayur ,enroute to Kanthloor is famous for its Jaggery . The sugarcane farms and organic fruits and vegetable farms here in Kanthaloor are worth visiting.  Marayur Sandal Wood forest and spotted dear par is another attraction . The schedule is as follows .

Visit to Jaggery Village . Jaggery Making unit
Visit to Sugar Cane Farms
Visit to fruit gardens and top slip
Visit to Deer Park
Drive down to Near by wildlife park (Optional)
Visit to Vattamada (Optional)
Back to GDM
Campfire and Dinner

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Day 1 - Mangrove trails

Ezhimala is a conspicuous, isolated cluster of hills, forming a promontory (a point of high land that juts out into the sea or a large lake; a headland). It’s worth a trip as it gives you a breathtaking view of the virgin beaches of Ezhimala and Zamorin from the mountains. The beach is an unexplored natural habitat with lot of sea weeds and beautiful rocks.Mangrove trails Check in at HIM Resorts ,Ezhimala Breakfast/Welcome drink and Snacks Bird-watching, canoeing and fishing are the main attractions of the tour through the mangrove forest.The landscape is marked by many tidal creeks and waterways. With two high tides and two low tides a day, the terrain is tough to negotiate. It takes about two hours to cover the entire trail. A walk under the canopy offers the visitor a glimpse of exotic birds, squirrels, jackals etc. The mangroves here are nesting places of a large number of local and migratory birds.
Pedal boats

Wake up at 5 am Experiencing the day break at the beach. Walking to the Nearby places > Visit to the fish landing centre

Lunch Visit to  Ettikulam Beach
Optional : Visit to handloom cooperatives
Price 12000/-

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Day 2 - Cultural Trails

Break Fast Visit to Kerala Folklore Academy ,Kizhakke Kovilakam, Chirakkal, Kannur Visit to Near by , Sarpa Kavu ,Secreat Groves
Visit to Handloom Cooperatives Kannur Town and Places of historical and cultural importance in and arround Kannur
Optional : Visit to Muzhappilangad Drive in Beach
Back to HIM .Dinner

Price 12000/-

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Day 3 - Backwater Cruise

Break Fast Drive to Neeleswaram boatyard House boat ride in covered boats ( *which can carry up to 10 people )s one of the prime attractions in Bekal, Neeleswaram. Tourists can enjoy a cruise along the palm fringed backwaters in the Malabar region, while enjoying a peaceful sojourn in these exceptionally comfortable houseboats.  (Boat fares to be paid as actuals in addition to package price )
Visite to Bekal fort Visit to nearby places of attraction. Back to Him/Home stay Camp fire /Dinner

For 4 adults and two kids  Rs. 16000.
#These following activities can be added if interested.
#the bigger house boats can accommodate moe number of people are also available the price will be charged for actuals·
#Stay at the house boats can also be arranged  
# Game Fishing with help of local fisherman( Actuals to be paid in addition to the package price )
# Exclusive Seafood meals from Local household ( Actuals to be paid in addition to the package price )
#This is part of our  responsible tourism initiative. Actual fare has to be paid .
Snacks & Tea
For 4 adults and two kids  Rs. 16000.
Plus Local travels as actuals
Additional Guests with additional beds
Rs.1500 ( Adult) ,Rs. 750 ( Child below 10) ( Additional bed only)
Additional Rooms : Single : 2000 , Double : 2500

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Day 4 - Spiritual Tours

Early Morning drive to 1. Trichambaram Temple 2. Sri Rajarajesware Temple
Break Fast Afternoon Visit to Anandashram Anandashram was founded by Swami Ramdas, endearingly called Beloved Papa, at Kanhangad,Kasargod district in 1931. “The ideal which the Ashram holds before it is Universal Love and Service based upon a vision of divinity in all beings and creatures of the world. Here every man, woman or child, to whatever denomination, creed or caste the person may belong, shall have free access. This is a place where every effort will be made to cultivate the spirit of mutual love and service, so that what is realized within its walls may prove as an example for the right conduct of human life in outside world.

Tea and snacks
Parassinikadavu Sree Muthappan Temple
and watching Theyyam, the dance of God
Back to HIM

Optional : Visit to the local community  
Price : 12000

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Day 1 - Organic Farm visit : Joy Perumattikunel

Breakfast: Renowned organic farmer and winner of many awards including the Kerala state award for best organic farmer 2015 . His areas of interest are growing pepper, arecanut, rubber, turmeric, cocoa, fruit trees vegetables etc. This farm-home visit can give you firsthand information of how Mr.Joy maintains a sustainable food and agricultural farm with economical benefits.He is also specialized in honey bee rearing. You will get a view of how the bees live in the hive, how honey is extracted, how a new hive is set etc.
Thoppnamkudi farm visit

2. River Tejaswini

Breakfast: The rapids in this river make it suitable for river rafting. What makes rafting in Tejaswini so unique is its breath-taking scenery and the world famous Monsoon of Kerala. Tejaswini River has many surprises that would give a memorable rafting experience for all. The thick foliage that strides into the river, the rocky banks, branches of huge trees that lean over the river, the magnetic swirl all make the rafting a mesmerizing experience. Bamboo rafting, walking in Tejaswini, butterfly trails, river crossing Lunch, snacks including on the spot cooking
Game fishing with support of local fishermen
Stay at service villa/ home stay and Dinner

Price For 4 adults and two kids  Rs. 9000 . Plus Local travels as actuals Additional Guests Rs. 1500 ( Adult) , Rs. 750 ( Child below 10)

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Day 2 - Trekking to Kottancheri, level 3 trekking with special permission forest department.

Breakfast: Kottencheri Hill is surrounded with dense forest, Kottancheri Hills is a home for many of the rare and endemic species found in the Western Ghat such as deer, wild pigs, wild elephants, wild dogs, rare birds, butterflies and many more. It also provides travelers with much breathtaking view of its surroundings. Some animals camouflage or hide from predators, concealing themselves in burrows, under rocks or leaves, in tree hollows, or in other niches where they are hard to find. It is a fabulous hills and a perfect choice for travelers who are craving to relax and rejuvenate their mind and soul in the lap of Mother Nature.
Theyyanikoomban Hill. Level 4 trekking
Animal Trails
Bird Trails ( Must be inside the forest area before  6 :00 am  )
Expert guides and support staff will be provided.

Alex Falls
Lunch: Exclusive waterfalls surrounded by rocks and trees, neither far from the land nor from the forest.  This fall is a force of nature, both beautiful and brutal. This fall is tranquil from a distance but deafening up in the monsoon. The cascades of water conjured by cascades of equally powerful emotions of the wild is enough to take your breath away. This spectacular fall is an ideal place for taking a private bath. The bliss-pool at the bottom is varnish clear and a perfect fish pedicure is always in geared up.
Camp fire
Stay at service villa/ home stay/Dinner

Price For 4 adults and two kids  Rs. 9000. Plus Local travels as on actuals Additional Guests Rs. 1500 ( Adult) , Rs. 750 ( Child below 10)

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Day 3 - Jose Giri

Breakfast: The drive to Josegiri is unforgettable with the enchanting view of range of mountains with crafty mist clutched at the elbow of the mountain as it passed. Best known for trekking, MountThirunnetty is a favorite spot for nature enthusiasts, photographers, and trekkers, located in Josegiri, at a height of 2300 ft. The standing rocks on top of the hill are the major attraction in Thirunetti. You can enjoy the view of the snow-hooded mountains encased in a necklace of white mist.
Kalari visit
Local temple/church/mosque visits

Lunch: Camping at Tabor Hills
Tabor, the exclusive and integral constituent of Palavayal Trekking and Wellness Centre ( PTWC) is magnificent grassland, surrounded by valleys, embedded with beautiful hamlets and towns are indeed great spectacles. The sea of beautiful, blue and misty mountains surround the tabor hills further down the valley, add to the mystic ambience. When sky is clear tabor enchant the visitors with the magnificent spectacle of sunsets in the western and sunrise in the eastern mountains. The nights are equally brilliant with millions of stars, visible because of the clear and unpolluted atmosphere.
Offroading to Tabor Camping site and back We have introduced camping (night stay) on the Tabor hills equipped with tents, sleeping bags and other amenities to experience the captivating nocturnal life in one of the beautiful mountains of the Western Ghats Campfire,Dinner, night stay in tents on the Tabor Hills

Price For 4 adults and two kids  Rs. 12000. Plus Local travels as actuals  Additional Guests  Rs. 1800 ( Adult) , Rs. 900 ( Child below 10)

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Day 4 - Mundhari

Muthari situated in Kudagu (Coorg)  Dt. Karnataka-Kerala border. The season here is throughout the year.  You can go for trekking and visit in our exclusive plantation premises. The area is surrounded with serene and dense forest. On the way to Mundhari, you can stop over on the big rock of Mundhari which is visible when the water levels of Tejaswini are low. The rock is a big flat one with Tejaswini flowing through both the sides. It is a beautiful picnic spot.
Offroading in Jeep with permits – This is part of responsible tourism initiative.
Lunch and dinner
Stay in tents, small tiny tile house
Guides and support staff will be provided

For 4 adults and two kids  Rs. 12000 .  Plus Local travels as actuals
Additional Guests  Rs. 1800 ( Adult) , Rs. 900 ( Child below 10)
Price  For Addition one Day For 4 adults and two kids  Rs. 12000 .   Plus Local travels as actuals  
Additional Guests  
Rs. 1800 ( Adult) , Rs. 900 ( Child below 10)

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Day 5 - Mundhari

Trekking to Mundari ‘s mist covered top station of 100 acres.(Level 4 trekking).Light will emerge around 10:00 AM and mist will fall about 4:00 PM.
Snack/mini lunch Back to base camp by 3:00 PM Campfire/Dinner Stay in tents, small tiny tile house Guides and support staff will provided

For 4 adults and two kids  Rs. 12000 . Plus Local travels as actuals
Additional Guests
Rs. 1800 ( Adult) , Rs. 900 ( Child below 10)

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Day 6 - Kammadam Kavu

Breakfast: The Kammadam Kavu, arguably the biggest sacred grove of India,  is spread around a span of 60 acres, and is rich in evergreen forest , medicinal plants and shrubs. Wild animals like Jungle cat, monitor lizard, civets, fox, bats, snakes, various species of birds and butterflies are seen here. This kaavu is associated with the Kammadam Bhagavathi Temple where Theyyams are performed regularly in the month of December every year.
Trekking to Kavu in the streams - Level 3 trekking
Farm visit @Baburaj Farm
Lunch Optional Trekking to the nearby forest Visit to the Hanging Bridge Stay at service villa/ home stay/Dinner

For 4 adults and two kids  Rs. 9000 . Plus Local travels as actuals
Additional Guests
Rs. 1500 ( Adult) , Rs. 750 ( Child below 10)

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