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The name Ezhimala is believed to be the Malayalam equivalent of seven hills and is derived from the seven hills dominating the skyline of this area. legend has it that the name was derived from Ezhil mala meaning land of beauty. Folklore has it that the seven hills are part of the Rishabadri mountain that fell to the earth when Lord Hanuman was carrying the mountain with Mrita Sanjivani and other herbs to Lanka.


126 km from Mangalore Airport, Karnataka

110 Km from Kozhikode, nearest Airport

40 Km from Payyanur, nearest Railway Station

5 Km from Cherupuzha, nearest Bus Station



The spectacle of cascading mountains afar in the east and a vast expanse of blue oceans and beautiful beaches brocaded with coconut trees. Sandwiched in between is one of the most stunning stretches of backwaters. HIM Ezhimala is the perfect place to explore all these beautiful terrains.


Major attractions in Ezhimala

Temple Complex

The HIM, the center for spiritual and Cultural tours has six temples and a Kavu. Pujas are performed in the morning and evening. Ideal for organizing Bhajans and Spiritual camps.

Ettikulam Beach

It is a pristine beach adjoining the Ezhimala Naval Academy. The arc-shaped beach has natural rocks that add to the beauty. It is a beautiful place to spend your morning and evening, especially the evenings are painted by beautiful sunsets.

Sree Raja Rajeswari Temple

The temple has a prominent place amongst the numerous Shiva temples in South India. Sree Raja Rajeswari temple is in the town of Taliparamba. It is believed that if a Hindu devotee encounters a problem in life, the final reprieve is sought from the deity through a Prasna.

Muzhapillangad Drive in Beach

The beach is nearly 47 km from HIM Ezhimala. It is the longest drive-in beach in India and featured in a list of the top six drive-in beaches of the world by BBC Autos. The sand is firm enough to support even medium-heavy vehicles

Valiyaparamba Backwateres

The backwaters are one of the longest and unpolluted backwaters of Kerala. Both sides of the backwaters are adorned by the unending Populus emerald green coconut trees. Houseboats are available on hire for the backwater cruise. Best in the morning and evening hrs.

Kerala Folklore Academy

This is an autonomous center for cultural affairs, is located at Chirakkal in Kannur, Kerala. An ideal place to visit for those who want to explore the cultural and art trails of Kerala.

Trichambaram Temple

Located at Taliparamba in the Kannur district. The main deity of the temple is Shree Krishna after "Kamsavadham", sitting in Raudra posture (ferocious posture). This temple is called 'North Guruvayoor'. The sanctum has beautiful carvings and murals from the 15th and 16th centuries

Handloom societies

North Malabar is famous for its handlooms and clothes. The sheer magic of craftmanship is to be seen to be believed. Kasargod cotton sarees are very special and should be on the must-buy list of travelers. The organic and natural fabric made by Kannur handloom societies is very famous.



HIM Ezhimala

HIM Ezhimala

HIM Ezhimala

HIM Ezhimala

HIM Ezhimala

HIM Ezhimala