Our core concept can be capsuled and christened as “ Ecospiritualtrails”. It is imbibed from the core the principles of deep ecology & the sustainable way of living. The Pancha Bhoota, the five elements of body and life, in its purest form will transform your body and mind. A weeklong stay at GDM may transform you forever. So come and fall in love with nature and discover your inner self. ” Compel to know more? Please click on the link GDM concept below.
We also try to democratize our brand and branding process. We aspire to be collaborative, responsible and sustainable whatever we do. Please read our branding concept and be part of it.
In the era of digital media, consumers interact with the brand, brand stakeholders and among themself. The interactions could be real-time by using social networks and messaging apps thus, directly and indirectly, shape the brand attributes and elements. So the brand attributes should include consumer’s and society’s aspirations and expectations. To be successful in the digital era, a brand should also resonate at sensual, cultural and spiritual level of the consumer. The brand should be sustainable with respect to the environment, the people and their livelihood. This is the corner stone of our branding philosophy.
This concept of branding is in contrast with the convectional philosophy of branding which is the common practice now. In convectional style, the brand stakeholder decides elements. Sometimes customer surveys are initiated to explore the general perception, likes and dislikes. But it is not a comprehensive, regular and all-inclusive exercise. In this approach the brand uses push strategies mainly with the help of huge advertisement budget.
But in our approach of consumer-oriented branding we propose to involve a select few of our prospective customers to come and experience our services, facilities, and products. The invited person can check into the centers and stay. They can assess the level of service pay according to the assessed/perceived value. The valuable suggestions from them will be incorporated into the concept and business model. We would also encourage them to be an active part of this change process.   
We believe marketing 3.0, where consumer collaborates with the brand not only on the physical level but cultural and spiritual level. The positive inputs from the interaction are incorporated into the brand and branding process.
Anybody who is interested to participate in this collaborative branding?

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